Animation Compilation

Alfred International introduced a campaign for Lotto in which the well-known numbered yellow balls are brought to life. They asked us to help them develop the characters as well as several films.

In the two years that followed we’ve created seven TVC’s, hundreds of stills with characters used for print and online media and several animations for online use. Most of the commercials were completely animated. Over here you can watch a selection of the films.


In the summer of 2011 Lotto decided to slightly change the system. They ensured that the jackpot, that didn’t hit too often, was paid at least four times a year.

Together with Alfred International and Pink Rabbit we created a TVC and several tag-ons in which the yellow balls jump off the Lotto building with their parachutes, while the Lotto director informs the people about the fact that the jackpot will certainly hit.

Jeroen vd Boom

In the beginning of 2012 Alfred International asked us to create a TVC in which the new spokesman, Dutch presenter and musician Jeroen van der Boom, was introduced. He pointed out that the jackpot would be hit the upcoming Saturday.


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