Oppo Find 5

Online Commercial

Our first film made for the Asian market. Oppo, a Chinese manufacturer of electronic devices, introduced the Find 5 and asked us to create an online commercial that specifically highlights the outstanding camera features of this phone, for example the ability to shoot in slow motion with 120 frames per second.

The concept basically plays on the idea that our life consists of defining moments that need to be captured to become a lasting memory. We chose to make an edit that follows the lifecycle of a man. We chose to combine animation with live-action footage to add a human touch.

TV Commercial

Our client was very happy with the online commercial and asked us to create a 30-second cut down, which was broadcasted as a TVC on Asian television. As you probably can imagine, we were pretty stoked about the possibility of reaching so many people with our work.

We tried to keep the concept intact and incorporate the most important features of the Find 5.


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