Select Sector SPDRs

Campaign (TV/Cinema/Print)

After winning a competitive pitch together with The Outpost, we joined forces in developing a TV campaign for Select Sector SPDRs, a family of exchange-traded funds.

The first 60 second commercial and its 15 second cutdown introduce the diverse portfolios, with four follow up spots focussing on a specific sector of the S&P 500.

The concept revolves around the knowledge that unfolds from the SPDRs portfolios, where books and pages unfold and build landscapes that are iconic to each sector.

The commercials are broadcast in the US.


It was a pleasure being able to shoot in a beautiful old library, but also uniquely challenging. Working in tight spaces, a custom rig for some of the aerial shots, building set elements aesthetically identical to the space and leaving no trace of us ever having been there. We also worked against a tight deadline to get everything done in one day.

To give a bit of insight into the extensive post production process we created this breakdown.

The Health Care Sector

We wanted to produce inspiring commercials with an aesthetic that stands out in the financial services landscape: a fluent mix of live-action, 3D animation and distinctive graphic design. All commercials with the same magical feel, recognizable as part of the same family.

Each commercial has its own color scheme, which resonates with the funds color scheme.

In this 30 second commercial a landscape of healthcare and demographics unfolds to tell the story of the Health Care sector – XLV.


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